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There is no such thing as permanent term life insurance. You either buy permanent life insurance or you buy term life insurance. Term life insurance is not permanent because a term is set at the time you buy it starting at ten years and going on up to thirty years. At the end of the term you will have to reapply for a new policy.

Permanent life insurance has no set term to it and you pay a higher premium. Permanent life insurance also has the option of a cash value aspect to it. So a permanent life insurance policy is more of an investment than a term life insurance policy.

The number one reason people buy life insurance is for income replacement. The first thing you should do even before you talk to you insurance agent is assess what your insurance needs are. Some sites online offer free assessment tools to do this easily. You just punch in all the information they ask for and in just a few seconds they will estimate the amount of life insurance you need to purchase.

You should do yourself a favor and revisit your policy with your agent at least every five years or so to make sure you are not over or under insured. People’s lives change and so do their insurance needs. As you get older your insurance needs should decrease because you no longer have young children to look out for.

So unless you are protecting a business venture or if the policy is to go toward paying taxes on a large estate, you may want to consider the less confusing and less expensive

term life insurance policy.

Term life insurance is very easily shopped for online. Permanent, or whole life insurance is best discussed face to face with your agent so you can give a better picture of what your needs are. To minimize confusion about all the outcomes that are possible with permanent life insurance, agents use a 15-plus page pre-approved illustration format. So be prepared to sit awhile when buying your either permanent term life insurance.

Keep in mind that cash value policies can have harsh penalties for surrendering the policy early. Make sure you can afford to pay the higher premiums of the permanent policy you buy otherwise it will cost you.

As stated above, a permanent life insurance policy allows a cash value to increase over time. If the amount of cash value in your account gets big enough you can elect to have the insurance company use that money to pay the premiums and you will be considered paid up. If you should happen to need some extra money you can still get the cash out, you will just have to start making payments again or settle for less death benefit.

So, you can have a permanent life insurance policy or you can have a term life insurance policy but you cannot have it both ways. Permanent term life insurance does not exist.

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Today, most parents contend that it is okay to let college students obtain their very own credit card. Not only because they want to let their kids manage their finances alone but also because having credit cards or a credit history for that matter is extremely important.

With the advent of credit cards, most people would always be looking into someone’s credit history before they can approve anything.

They even insist that without a credit history, people tend to become a total outcast in the society, someone who is not worthy to enjoy anything and everything without a credit history. That is why most college students would struggle just to get one.

But what makes the student credit card different from the other credit card? Why is it that it is highly classified as “student credit card,” and not just any credit cards for that matter?

Basically, student credit cards do not make such big difference as compared to the other types of credit cards. However, because it is a student credit card, the benefits stated therein are completely focused on providing the student’s their basic needs.

Moreover, student credit cards are entitled to lower interest rates especially for students who have good grades. They can negotiate their interest rates for a lower rate provided that they pay their balance dues on time and that they maintain good grades.

On the other hand, student’s credit cards are actually secured credit cards. But the difference that sets the students credit card apart from the other credit cards is that their parents can set the credit limit.

Also, parents can let their child’s credit card to hook up with them so that they can keep track on their child’s credit transactions.

Another thing that sets the student cards apart from the other credit cards is that the student credit cards are mainly focused on and quoted for students only considering the fact that they have limited credit history.

Normally, student credit cards have no annual fees and have credit limits that are only set to $500. And according to some surveys of financial institutions, the average student credit card annual percentage rate is 17.66% for purchases and 19.67% for cash advances.

So, even if student credit cards are different from the other credit cards because of its considerable interest rates, it is still a credit card. Thus, students must really be responsible in handling them; otherwise, they are bound to suffer bad credit history in the end.

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When you are looking to repay your debts quickly, you should consider a no balance transfer fee credit card. This is a special deal offered by some financial institutions when they are trying to break into the market, for example a foreign owned bank entering the US lending arena.

It may also be that the bank has too much cash and needs to earn a return on that money. How can you make a profit by lending money without charging a fee? They are going to earn interest on the money you owe to them every month. They just won’t earn anything when you move your account. They are likely to be offering a low interest rate as well as an incentive for people to move their debts. Financial institutions know that the majority of people will not repay their debts within the time frame of the low incentive rate. It will usually take a lot longer and the majority will actually take out more credit.

But you can profit from the banks alleged generosity. If you are determined to clear your debts, you will have worked out your finances and will know how much extra you can afford to repay these monies quicker. Now look for a no balance transfer fee credit card with an excellent interest rate for as close as possible to the period you have worked out you need.

So for example, you have estimated it will take you 12 months to repay your debt. You will need a credit card offering a low interest rate for a year. If it will take you longer than a year, you have to decide whether the deal is sufficiently good enough for you to take a chance that you will not end up paying a much higher rate than the rest of the market at the end of the 12 months.

I would suggest that you go for the deal and worry about interest rates when the time comes. Why? I am sure that when you see how fast you can repay your debt, you will become motivated to have that money repaid by the end of the deal as you won’t want to face costly interest charges.

When the end of the deal comes, if you have maintained your account properly your creditor will probably be willing to negotiate with you on the charges. If not, you should have an excellent credit record and be able to get a new deal elsewhere.

When repaying debt, every penny that you can put towards clearing the balance rather than interest counts. If the special interest rate is only for a short period say three to six months and you have significant debts it might not be worth transferring. You could end up paying much higher charges then you are currently paying.

Instead play the companies against one another. Contact your current creditor and explain that you have been offered this very attractive deal elsewhere. You may find that your existing account manager may match the interest rate on your offer. That is another way to benefit from a no balance transfer fee credit card.

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Shopping had never been lousy since the advent of credit cards. Since then, people had always been indulging into various cashless shopping due to the convenience of the credit card.

However, most people get credit cards only for the sake of shopping. They do not even read the fine print on their credit card and the least that they have considered is the one with the low annual percentage rate or APR. Most of them did not even know how interest rates could affect their billing.

On its general since, low APR credit card are those that have lower APR. This means that the cost of the interest rate will be according to the purchases obtained by the customer.

Normally, APR vary from 6% to more than 30%. Of course, it would be clear that the card with the lowest APR credit card is those that have 6% or lower.

But consumers should remember, that APR can be very tricky especially if the consumer have no idea what interest rates mean.

Basically, credit card companies would offer the consumers very low APR credit card so as to get the consumers on the hook. In fact, credit card companies could lower their APR to as much as 0%.

Low APR credit cards are usually expressed during the introductory rate so as to entice new credit card holders to sign up to them; and once they are all hooked up, the credit card company would start changing and increasing their credit cards.

People should know what makes a low credit card really low and the best option for retaining that low APR even if the introductory offer is over.

First, they should know that APR has two faces: the fixed and the variable.

The fixed APR has more stable interest rates than variable rates. Variable rates, on the other hand, can start really low but it all depends on the prime rate of the Federal Reserve. This means that at any point in time, it may increase.

Needless to say, there are really quite a few credit cards that have low APR. The reason behind it is that APR is actually where the credit card companies get to earn a living. If they continue to give people the low APR that they used to claim, chances are they wouldn’t be in the business for so long.

The bottom line here is that consumers should be really conscious on their APR and other interest rate. Low APR credit cards will not be very beneficial if it will only last for 6 months or so.


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With credit cards dominating the market world today, even college students are already prospective clients of most credit card companies. This is because studies have revealed that most college students have difficulty in maintaining their expenses especially to those who are far way from home. That is why credit card nowadays had been a “must-have” for most college students.

Basically, college credit cards do not differ that much to ordinary credit cards. In fact, college credit cards are classified as secured credit cards because students do not have any credit history that will enable them to get a regular credit card.

But the fact remains them. Why would credit card companies be willing to provide college students with credit cards where in fact there is no basis where they can tell whether the student is capable of paying or not.

For two reasons, the credit card companies see a greater opportunity in them. One, survey shows that most college students remain loyal to their credit card company even after they have graduated from college and got have their work.

Second, reports show that college students are actually good customers. Most of them really do pay on time. Moreover, their balances tend to provide workable income to the credit card company.

On the other hand, college credit cards are also preferred by most parents, even if they know there will always be the tendency to overspend, due to the fact that college credit cards offer some fringe benefits that other credit cards cannot provide.

A good example of this is the student loans that will be used to pay the tuition fees. In doing so, students, as well as parents, will have an easier way of paying tuition fees at a more considerable rate and payment plan. Plus, there are college credit cards that had tied up with some establishments that are very useful to college students. They can, in turn, get fringe benefits and rewards from these establishments whenever they pay their balances on time.

Best of all, college credit cards have lower rates than most regular credit cards in the event that they maintain good grades.

Indeed, college credit cards are part of the “must-haves” of the college students. In fact, it is also one way of letting them know the ins and outs of good financial planning and budgeting.

The goal here is for the students to know how to use the plastics responsibly, and they should know that whatever they do, it’s under their responsibility.


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Mortgage savings accounts are another way that a homeowner can strategize to pay off a mortgage. The intent is for the homeowner to use this type of account to quickly pay down the principle of an existing mortgage. This type of savings account is basically a savings account in which the money you save offsets the interest charged on your home loan. You can use it to help you get out of your mortgage much sooner.

Let’s face it. The average mortgage is for thirty years. Wouldn’t you want to research alternative ways to help you pay off your mortgage sooner? Mortgage saving accounts allow you to pay down mortgage debt and put your money into other things instead.

What is a Mortgage Savings Account?

A mortgage savings account is a dedicated savings account that is designed to offset the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage.

The banks link your mortgage account and your specialized savings account so that any interest that might be due on your mortgage is reduced by the amount of interest that you would have accrued on your mortgage savings.

Here’s a simplified example of how this works:

Assume you owe $100,000 on your mortgage. Your interest amount for each month is calculated on your current balance.

If you have $3,000 in your mortgage savings account, then your interest is calculated as though your balance was $97,000.

This reduces the amount of interest you pay, which can significantly reduce your principal balance much faster.

Exactly How Does It Work?

Most mortgages have repayments that are calculated on an amortization schedule. This means a portion of each payment you make pays the interest and the remaining portion goes towards your principal balance.

If you have savings kept in your mortgage savings account, then even though your repayment amount doesn’t change, you are changing the portions of interest and principal balance you make with each payment.

This can mean you pay less interest and more off your balance with each payment.

The rationale is that you don’t write checks against the mortgage payment amount. You should let this amount remain in your account at all times. However, the thought process is that any leftover money will be applied directly toward your mortgage. As a result, your mortgage will be paid off sooner. Do mortgage saving accounts sound promising?

Think about it. If that extra money was in your own checking account, you would probably spend it on something that you don’t really need. This way, the money will already be in the mortgage account. This strategy may actually work for anyone that is disciplined. You must be disciplined in order to operate mortgage savings accounts so they have a positive effect. This strategy might seem a little comical for some, but it may be the little nudge that others need in order to make them save their money and put it on the mortgage. Different things work for different people.

Do you think that this strategy will work for you? Are you looking for other ways to refinance and pay down your mortgage? Check into the features of mortgage saving accounts.

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There are several methods to make extra money which you may not have tried yet. Most people have jobs and work for someone else, but there are many ways in which to be self-employed. It just depends on harnessing skills and knowledge you already have, and finding clients to pay you for them.

With their busy schedules, many families do not have time to make home-cooked meals. If you have cooking skills, advertise in your local paper that you will prepare food to order. If you are dealing with a family or a small party, you can handle the job yourself and won’t need any helpers. And who knows, as your client base expands, you may want to hire an assistant and become a professional.

If you are retired professional, think about working part-time from home. For example, an accountant could do income tax, and an ex-office worker can type student essays.

If you can’t find a full-time job and have typing and word processing skills, think about applying to office temp agencies. The work can be irregular, but it pays fairly well.

If you have specialized knowledge, such as a trade or profession, write an e-book with tips the public can use. For instance, an electrician can write down simple steps to installing a light fixture; a nurse can advise middle-aged baby boomers on how to care for elderly, debilitated parents. With a tight economy, many people are trying to save money by doing household repairs themselves. Step by step advice on dealing with common household emergencies or car problems is useful to many people. Medical advice is extremely valuable, and there are many online books being sold successfully to help patients deal with common medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Also, if you have a college education, think about tutoring students. You don’t need a teaching diploma to help a grade-school child who is having trouble reading; often the most important skill in this instance is patience. If you know how to play a musical instrument, give music lessons.

If you have a website or are considering starting one, place Google Adsense ads on it. It will pay for the maintenance of the website at the very least, and if you get enough traffic, it can provide an extra income stream. Consider becoming an affiliate for other companies featuring products and services related to what you are selling. For instance, a website featuring autoparts could do affiliate sales for car companies and tire suppliers. These items would enhance your own website by expanding the available product line without detracting from sales of your own product.

People with no knowledge skills can often make money through doing physically tough jobs that unathletic or elderly people can’t do. Washing windows, cleaning rain gutters, moving, landscaping and housecleaning can pay up to thirty dollars per hour, and are really no more demanding than the jobs offered for minimum wage, such as flipping burgers or waiting on tables.

If you own your own home, consider renting out the basement to students or pensioners. These are usually quiet tenants who will respect your privacy, and provide a steady rental income of up to several hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of the accommodations you have available. If you live in the country or some scenic area, it may be possible to run a bed and breakfast, but being an innkeeper takes more time and effort than renting to long-term tenants.

Many communities have free local bulletins which charge only nominal fees for advertising. Public bulletin boards are often available at the local mall. Create many copies of an ad briefly describing the service you are offering and how much you charge, with tear-off tags at the bottom with your name and phone number. Post the ad all around your neighborhood and you are bound to get a few replies.

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With so many credit cards dominating the market these days, people can no longer tell the difference between one card to another. It all seems like a wide array of credit cards all committed to provide the consumers with substantial means in cashless shopping.

However, there is one credit card that aims to be above the rest. This is the chase credit cards.

On its faade, chase credit cards may look just like the other credit cards, works like the others, and has the basic features of a typical credit card. But what people still don’t know about chase credit cards is that what it has basically more than meets the eye.

Here are some facts about chase credit cards in order to guide those who are contemplating to get hold of it:

1. Chase credit cards are easily accessible online.

Just like the other credit cards, chase credit cards are also available online. But the fact that people can do transactions online is a remarkable modification in credit cards.

In fact, consumers who want to get a chase credit card can easily apply online, and once approved they can continuously track their balances, statements, and details of their transactions all in just one click.

2. Chase credit cards have free alerts.

These are the notifications that a chase credit card holder receives through e-mail or phone.

If the consumer chooses e-mail alerts, notifications shall be sent to the user’s e-mail address, wap-enabled mobile phone, pager, or even a PDA device. In this way, the consumer can be updated about his or her account at any time of the day.

Free alerts can even jog your memory whenever there is a due payment. It will also ring a bell in the event that your balance is about to reach its limit. Best of all, it is free so people don’t have to worry about additional charges just for this service.

3. Chase credit cards offers versatility when paying bills.

Chase credit cards can be used automatically to pay all the bills on due. The consumer has to arrange for the specific requirements needed before they can get their chase credit card start paying bills.

So, for a new way of enjoying credit cards with all the functions still intact but ahs a different way of managing the consumer’s accounts, chase credit cards are certainly the best of its kind.


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Credit card rates have always been an issue in applying for a credit card. These rates are what everyone should know before choosing a credit company from another. Shopping around for the best rates will give you the best deal.

For you to own a credit card, you should first know what are credit card rates? What is an APR? What are the different kinds of rates?

Credit card rates are used to measure the interest of your credit card. It is used to know how much you would pay if you hold a balance on your account, if you have a cash advance or loan, and if you transferred a balance from other credit cards. The credit card rates are usually computed annually.

1) APR. The APR signifies the annual percentage rate of the interest. The APR is used by the bank to know how much would be charged on your bill for a yearly basis. There are two kinds of APRs:

* Fixed. This kind of APR is an interest rate which has been arranged by the bank. The fixed APR would not be changed unless the bank or the credit card owner would amend the contract of agreement. Majority of credit card accounts that has fixed rates does not change often.

* On-going. This kind of APR is a kind of interest rate that could change even after the signing of contracts and the grace period.

Note: Both the fixed and APR rates would depend on consistency of the bill payments, if you would request your APR to be changed either lower or higher and if certain government provisions was made regarding the annual rates of your credit card.

* Special APRs. These kinds of annual rates would depend on the contract you have signed. If your terms specify a penalty APR when you would not be able to pay for your bills, this kind of rates would apply.

2) Interest rate.

* Fixed. A fixed interest basically means that your rate cannot be changed unless the bank informs you that there have been some changes in the policies.

* Variable. A variable interest rate changes automatically whenever the basic rate of the bank increases or decreases.

Note: Both the fixed and the variable rates could be changed by the bank anytime. This means that any bank could alter the terms and conditions of your credit account for a fifteen-day notice.


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Human beings are scaling new heights in almost all the spheres of life. The work that used to consume good amount of time earlier can now be comfortably finished within a few seconds. There are several parameters to evaluate human progress, money management through software being one amongst these.

The software has more than a dozen advantages. The easy and instant record maintenance of the cash inflow and outflow, error free, user friendly, and convenient to operate even for those who have petite knowledge of accounts etc. to name a few. Keeping the innumerable merits and significance of money management software in today’s lives, there are different packages available in the market. But you get only what you spend for. For instance if you just aim at a checkbook operator, your package will be confined to maintaining or updating your checkbooks and nothing else. While if you desire the added functions like investment planning and retirement solutions, you ought to pay some more. So there are different features that vary with the cost of the package. However, some of the simple packages may not be attuned to various banking and financial planning websites.

The needs and so the kind of software package to go for varies from individual to individual. Some of the significant and widely used packages or features in high demand are listed below:

Budgeting- is perhaps the foremost and most basic requirement of all the consumers especially those who cannot afford to hire an accountant. This feature keeps a track of all your savings and outlays and can help you with the details any time you log on to it. The financial planning software turns out to be a blessing for many. The reason being it keeps a record of all your small and large expenses which one most often forgets in the hurly burly of life.

Investment Planning and Retirement Solutions- this organizes the passage of your money such as how much to spend in your kids’ education and how much to set aside for your old age. The Intuit Inc.’s Quicken and the Microsoft Money are the two most widely used packages in this context. They will judiciously plan investments and retirement plans. Allocation of funds becomes a child’s play due to their aid.

Tax preparation is another feature largely used and conspicuous feature of the financial planning software. The tax preparation software has made it immensely easy to deal with taxes.

Mortgage and real estate software features act as a guide when it comes tasks to estate planning and the like. This saves many of your precious dollars that you would have diffidently spent on attorneys and agents.

The package that aids in allotment of assets and preparing of wills is also in great use. The expense on this package is significantly less than the consistent payments made to the attorney.

Purchasing and selling stocks- this feature exempts you from the huge brokerage that you pay every time in buying and selling your stocks. This makes it much comfortable for people to sit at home, have a view of the market rates and sale and purchase stocks.

Apart from these there are many other relevant features that are not mentioned here but that certainly add to our convenience.