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You don’t have to be wealthy to be able to benefit from good financial advice. A good adviser can help with everything from choosing the right life insurance, to minimizing tax consequences, to estate planning. The idea of a financial advisor is to help you grow and protect your assets so you don’t need to think of them as only someone who helps the rich, they can help you too. But remember, not all financial advisors are created the same, some are better than others. To find the best independent financial advice follow a few simple guidelines.

1. What type of credentials does the adviser have? How long have they been doing this line of work and do they work alone or as part of a bigger company. Each will have it’s good and bad. An individual might be able to offer you much more personal attention but they may not have the resources to offer as many services.

2. Do they listen? Hey, look, it’s your money. If the advisor seems like they’re just ‘squeezing you in’ it may not be a good fit. You will need to meet with your financial counselor fairly often and you will need to feel confidant that when you do you are their only priority. You don’t want to feel like you are being rushed out of their office because they have another appointment. Along these lines you also need to pay attention to how clearly they explain things. The best advisor in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t understand half of what they tell you.

3. Will they meet with you as often as you want? Although you can’t abuse this either. They will be working with many people and you really don’t need to meet with them more often than once every few months generally. Depending on your circumstances meeting quarterly is probably often enough. If something comes up in your life, say the birth of a child, or the death of a spouse, you will likely meet with them to make the necessary changes, but usually every few months should be enough.

4. Do you like the adviser? I know that may seem like a dumb question, but it’s not. This is someone who will be handling your money. You not only need to make sure they are qualified, and that you can trust them, you also need to be able to be comfortable working closely with them. If you feel like they are condescending or rude, you won’t want to hire them because you won’t enjoy working with them.

It’s all about you and a good financial mentor will never forget that. It’s your money, your future, and your dreams. If the advisor does more talking than listening you may want to run away. It’s not about them just selling you all the time, it’s about them getting to know your unique needs and helping you find the best way to fulfill those needs.

To make sure your money works as hard for you as you work for it, get the best independent financial advice you can. Use the guidelines above to help you locate someone who can help you accomplish all the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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Credit card machines nowadays come in various types and prices. The kind of business a merchant is venturing on determines the kind of credit card machine that he or she is going to use.

If a transaction should be typed in the machine for it to be validated, a machine without a printer would be needed. On the other hand, a retail business would require a credit card machine with a printer.

Machines without printers are usually used in enterprises that use mail or phone to purchase. In this type of business, a receipt at the time of purchase is not needed.

For mobile enterprise, a machine without a printer could also prove to be useful. In this system, the number of the credit card is phoned to a specific location. There, another person will type the number into the machine. Examples of these businesses are locksmiths, plumbing, landscaping, home delivery operations and other business. These are enterprises that do not have enough sales to spend for the high cost of wireless machines. A machine without a printer would still be effective while maintaining the capability to work on a transaction at the same location and time of sale.

Wireless machines for credit cards will be very useful for mobile enterprises. It would require though, high maintenance cost and cellular signal availability.

An enterprise that uses credit cards that need to be typed and swiped should have two accounts handled by the same machine. This is a cost-effective way of managing business if the numbers of typed and swiped card accounts are about the same in volume.

If an enterprise caters to different accounts, a machine compatible to multiple accounts would be very productive. Examples of these businesses are hair styling, massage and the like.

If a company would only accept Visa card and Master card, it can use a much cheaper machine for credit cards that can only accept these types of cards.

The best way to determine what credit card machine to use is to survey potential customers. The survey should yield the type of credit card they use for a specific product or service.

For example, if a person is planning to open a car rental business, the owner should survey the area for people who usually rent cars. Then, he or she should ask what type of credit card these potential customers use. If the usual card used needs to be swiped, then the owner should purchase a machine for those cards.

By adjusting to the consumer’s credit card use, a business could cater to a greater number of customers.


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Everybody wants to be rich, or at least well off. But one thing most people don’t realize is that while having a lot of money does mean a lot more opportunities and choices, it also means more work. Taking care of your money is an important aspect of having money. Many people don’t understand that. In order to protect, and grow, your assets, no matter how much money you have, you will need to find someone who is qualified to provide independant financial advice.

That doesn’t mean that you hand it all over to them and walk away, you need to always be in the loop when it comes to your money.

Most people won’t have the time, or inclination, to learn all they need to know about investing their money. There are so many different ways you can go: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. that the average person can’t possibly be expected to keep it all straight. That’s where a professional will come in to play.

One of the first things you can do to find a professional to help you with your money is to ask your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. Ask the people you trust, who they trust with their money.

Next you can always contact your local SCORE office. SCORE is an organization that brings retired business people together to help entrepreneurs start their own business. There would probably be many members who could point you in the direction of a qualified professional.

You could also go online to find someone. This option probably isn’t the best choice for most people. Even though you hire someone, you are only hiring them to help you, not to do it all for you. It’s important that you are very involved in every aspect of your finances and for that reason hiring someone online, who doesn’t live or work in your area, may not be the best option.

Before you hire someone you also want to find out whether they are independent or ‘tied’. A tied agent is someone who works for a specific company. They can only sell products and services from that one company. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you just have to always remember that no tied agent is going to be unbiased. They can only sell the products of one company, even if that company doesn’t really have a product that would work well for you they might be inclined to try to sell it to you anyway since they want to make a commission.

An independent agent can sell products from multiple companies, which on the surface may make it seem like that would be the better option for you. Not necessarily. Chances are some of the companies will offer higher commissions than others. Your advisor may try to push you into a product based on how much they’ll make and not which one is the best one for you and your goals.

At this point you may be totally confused, don’t be. The most important thing you can do is to be an active participant in not only choosing your advisor but also when working with your advisor. Don’t ever make the mistake of just handing everything over to them and only communicating with them a few times a year. It’s your money and you have the right, and the obligation, to keep tabs on how your money is doing. Make sure whatever independant financial advice you get that the advisor is not only qualified and trustworthy but that it’s also someone you feel comfortable working closely with.

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Before you choose a credit card it would be wise to first find out the interest rates offered by all the credit card companies and banks. While you compare credit card companies and banks, take note of the ones with low interest rates and offer the best benefits. Don’t miss the fine print as that is where the most important information is usually given. Fine prints almost always specify the conditions applied on using their service.

It is generally a wise decision to go with a credit card that has a low interest rate. A low interest rate would almost always mean that using the credit wouldn’t eat up your savings.

One of the strategies of many banks and credit card companies to attract members is to offer an introductory low interest rate then hike up the rate after a certain period. It is therefore advisable to inquire how long the initial low interest rate would last.

To switch to them, some credit card companies and banks would waive fees if you transfer balances to them from your old card. The fees asked by banks for transfers are actually interest rates in disguise. Make sure that a low fee, which is equivalent to a low interest rate, is charged to you when transferring or you could end paying much more than you actually have to for clearing your debt.

One thing you could do is pay for balance transfers through pre printed checks. Your best option is to transfer balances to over the phone by calling up the customer service line of the bank or company. Doing such would cost a lot less or nothing at all and because you chose a card with a low interest rate you know your expenses would be lower the next time.

It is al important for you to know that incentives such as short term low interest rate will eventually rise even without due warning from your bank or credit card company.

You could always ask the bank or company to give you a low interest rate provided that you have a decent credit history with the company or bank. If they refuse to give you a low interest rate then you can always switch to a service that offers you a better deal.

Remember to use your credit card wisely. Keep a tab on your expenses while using this card, ensure your dues are cleared regularly and ensure that the low interest rate remain low.


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When looking for the highest apr savings account, most people will just head down to their local bank and sit down with their friendly neighborhood banker. But is that really the best way to go? Can you really get the best rate right in your own backyard? In many cases the answer would be ‘no’. The truth is that when it comes to providing great rates, you are almost always better off going online.

Online banks can offer a lot of the same things off line banks offer. A good online bank will have great customer service, sometimes it’s even better than the off line bank since it’s available all day every day 365 days a year.

Online banks can also offer you a high level of security. Many of them are FDIC insured. As a matter of fact if the bank you are looking at isn’t FDIC insured, keep looking. Don’t pass up on this extra layer of protection for your money.

The one big difference you will see with an online bank is the fact that they tend to offer the highest apr savings account versus their off line competitors. If you are comparing one regular savings account to another, the online bank will almost always pay a higher interest rate.

It just makes sense really. If you think about the enormous amount of money your local bank has paid to build their beautiful building, hire staff, pay for utilities, etc. That’s a lot of overhead. An online bank by comparison needs fewer employees, and a website (obviously that’s an oversimplification but you get the point) they save money and that means they can afford to pay their customers more in interest.

Make sure that before you make your final choice of bank that you know exactly what the fine print says. It’s important to know how much money you need to open the account as well as the minimum balance amount needed. Both of these things will vary from one bank to another so make this part of your screening process.

If you don’t need to have access to your money for a while and you really want to get a high interest rate you should probably take a look at opening a certificate of deposit (CD). These will pay more than a regular savings account, yet they are still very safe. This can offer a great mix of security and high interest rates.

The one downside to opening a CD is that your money isn’t very liquid. You will lose a lot of your interest if you try to get your money out before the term is up. There are several options for the length of term you can get, but make sure that you plan on just leaving your money in until the term is over.

It will just take a small investment of your time to find a great savings account so your money can be safe and working hard for you. After all, don’t you want your money to work as hard for you as you did for it? Finding the highest apr savings account is easy, with just a few clicks of the mouse your money can be put to work for you.

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Credit card applications nowadays have begun to provide clients with an instant approval feature. Meaning, the person applying for a credit card would easily know whether he or she is eligible for applying. This process of instant approval is basically used online or through the internet.

To be able to prevent confusion in dealing with a credit card instant approval, you should know these facts:

* The credit card instant approval and the credit card application are two different processes. The approval of your credit card does not necessarily mean that your card would be delivered to you as soon as possible. It only means that you are qualified to apply for the credit card. The credit card application will be your next step once you have been given the “go signal” by the bank.

* The instant approval of credit cards is made to target customers with good past credit records. Although because of the high credit market today, the banks are willing stretch their limits and offer this program to different kinds of people. This may depend on the bank you’re applying the credit card on.

* Majority of banks provide customers with a credit card application form online. These credit card companies make use of this program with secured connection software for your information’s protection.

* The information you need to give for your credit card’s instant approval include: your name, your current address, your social security number, and if there are previous address you may have over the years. This is the most common information asked on the instant approval feature of the banks.

* The main advantage of getting a speedy approval for your credit card applications is the elimination of the major trouble caused by guesswork on whether the company thinks that you deserve a card or not more instantaneously. Unlike the old-fashioned way when you have to visit a bank in person and ask if you’re qualified then knowing you’re not, this time it’s a lot more convenient.

* The approval of your credit card online would only take you a few minutes to know your evaluation. It would be your choice to continue your credit card application.

And lastly, when you have been approved on your credit card application, don’t just go splurging thinking that instant approval also means instant money. Instant approval is more tantamount to instant debt. Think about it.


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High yield savings accounts, what are they and where do I go to find one? If you’ve been asking these questions yourself than I have the answers you’ve been looking for. For one thing, you’ll want to determine if you are willing to invest your money in an online account. If you are willing to do that, you will earn a much higher interest rate, in most cases, than you would with your local branch bank. is a great resource online. you can go to this site and research various online banks and compare interest rates. That makes finding the best rate very quick and easy to do. Don’t skip this step either, just a small difference in the rate of interest you will earn can make a big difference in the amount of money your money will earn for you over a period of time. A little bump in the interest rates can dramatically increase the overall money you will make.

Of course, there are other things you’ll want to look at when picking a bank. One thing to consider is whether or not the bank is FDIC insured. You may not have known that even online banks can be FDIC insured and if a bank you are looking at isn’t insured, keep looking. This is way too important to ignore, it offers you more security to your money.

Also, what is the minimum amount of money you will need to open the account? The higher the interest rate the higher the deposit amount will be in most cases. Check on the availability of customer service too. It’s always nice to have someone you can ask questions of should they arise and just because you are looking for high yield savings accounts online doesn’t mean you have to skimp on service.

You will have the option to open two different types of accounts: regular savings account or a CD. Each option has it’s pros and cons. For example, you will have much more liquidity with a regular savings account. For the most part you can get your money pretty much any time you want it. But you won’t earn as much in interest as you would if you committed to a longer term CD. It’s your choice, just be sure that if you choose to get a CD that you will be able to leave your money alone the whole term. If you want to get your money out early it will cost you … a lot.

It basically boils down to this: CD – higher interest but less liquidity. Savings – less interest but more liquid. Ultimately, only you can decide which option makes the most sense for you.

Spending a few minutes of time online can help you find a great savings vehicle. You don’t have to sacrifice, you can get high interest and security with a secure online account. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can find truly great

high yield savings accounts.

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Credit cards that are used in moderation could be helpful in managing your finances. This means that splurging through the use of credit cards is almost financial suicide.

Here are few tips to manage the way you use your credit card to prevent you from acquiring debts that could lead to your financial death (excuse the pun).

1) Planning. Before purchasing any product using your credit card, make sure to provide yourself with a plan on how you will be able to pay for your credit card bills. Prioritize your needs before your wants. Purchasing grand items that you don’t really need might give you that temporary high that impulsive buyers are addicted to. But that temporary high would eventually turn to long-term down feeling due to your piled up debts.

2) Limit. For you to be able to manage your debts and payments, never go overboard when it comes to your credit limit. If it’s possible, it will help a lot if you just use about two-thirds of your limit.

3) Statement of account. Keep a record of all your credit card transactions for future reference. In order to prevent inaccuracies of bills and fraud, always remember to check the list of your purchase for the month. If your list and the statement of account do not match, report this to your bank.

4) Piled up debt remedies. There are a number of steps you have to do in order to escape these financial problems.

* Determine the amount you need to pay and provide yourself with a plan that would fix your finances without pressure.

* Consider paying the minimum amount to be paid. Then, ask for debt consolidation options that would make it a lot easier for you to pay your debts. If you don’t know how to solve your financial problems, there are financial advisers that could help you with your credit card management. They might offer you financial assistance through bank loans that would allow you more time to pay aside from the debt consolidation method. But of course, remember to research on the agency before getting involved with them. Don’t just go saying amen to whatever they offer since there is a possibility that they could cause the situation to aggravate.

Self-control is the best way to prevent getting debts that you won’t be able to pay immediately. But if you’re already in the pits, considering the abovementioned suggestions won’t hurt.

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credit card debt consolidation

Credit cards have revolutionized the purchasing experience since Diners Club released the first credit card in 1950.

It gave consumers limited credit that, at times, even surpassed their own personal savings. It allowed them to buy items they cannot usually afford with a straight cash purchase. It also provided the convenience of not needing to carry wads of dollar bills.

Thus, on the average, American households possess 4 credit cards or a total of 13 payment cards including debt cards and store cards aside from credit cards. There are, actually, 1.3 billion payment cards in circulation in the United States.

But if you think that credit cards have made the lives of modern American consumers easier, think again.

Statistics show that the average credit card debt for each household per month is $4,800. This lead to 1.3 million credit card holders declaring bankruptcy in 2003.

And if you still consider yourself unaffected by this, then consider this one: upon retirement, most Americans can only expect to receive about 37% percent of their annual retirement income because of debt payment, leaving them to depend on the government, family and charity.

That’s scary. So before you find yourself in the same situation, it might be time to evaluate your credit card debt.

One way of resolving debt that you might consider is credit card consolidation.

So what is credit card debt consolidation?

In a nutshell, credit card consolidation is taking all your credit card debt dues and consolidating them into one monthly payment. This way, you don’t have to worry about managing the payments individually. Aside from that, it may also provide you the additional benefits:

? Reduce interest payments

? Waive late and overtime fees

? Low monthly payments

? Debt relief in a shorter time

? Credit improvement

? Save more money in the long run

You will also need to know that there are actually two major types of credit card consolidation.

First is through a Credit Card Counseling firm. They assist consumers by consolidating all their monthly payments into one single payment and then disperse this to the creditors in behalf of the consumers until they are debt-free.

The other type is through a home equity loan or other secured loan. This is done by exchanging an unsecured debt (such as credit card debt) for a secured debt (a debt backed by specific assets such as real estate).

Now, credit card debt consolidation isn’t a magic balm that will drive all your credit card debt malaise away. But it will make paying all your debt easier and might save you money in the long run.


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Can you get high intrest savings accounts offline? Well, I guess that depends on what you mean by high interest. You can certainly compare rates with several of your local branch banks to find the one that offers the highest rates. You may be surprised at how much fluctuation there can be from one bank to another. But, for the most part, if you want really high rates you will almost always find a better rate with an online account.

Finding the best rate from an online bank is pretty easy, all you need to do is visit the website to compare interest rates from one bank to another. once you’ve narrowed down the best rate you can then visit that banks website to check out other restrictions.

It is important to look over many aspects of the bank before you open an account. The interest rates is a very important thing to consider. Just a 1% difference in rates could make the difference in the amount of money you earn. Depending on what the rate is, how much you have invested and how long it stays invested a higher rate could earn you ten’s of thousands of dollars more in interest, that’s worth a little bit of your time.

Of course, looking for a bank that has friendly and knowledgeable customer services is very important too. It’s important that you have someone available to talk to if and when you have a problem. Another thing to consider is the minimum amount required to open an account. Generally speaking with high intrest savings accounts the better the rate the more money you’ll need to deposit to open the account. You will also need to keep a minimum account balance in the account. Find out all of these things before you open your account.

Also make sure that the bank you choose is FDIC insured. You may not realize it but even an online account can be covered by federal insurance. If the bank you are considering isn’t FDIC insured do yourself a favor and keep looking. You might as well use every available resource to keep your money safe.

CD’s can offer you another option when it comes to a safe, and high paying, savings accounts. This type of account does pay better than a regular savings account, but you need to commit to keep your money in the account for a set period of time. The length of the term can vary, the longer the term the higher the interest in most cases, but to get the interest you will need to be willing to keep the money in the CD. If you get your money out early you will sacrifice a big lump of the interest you’ve earned.

There is more than one option available when you are looking for the best rate of return for your money. Whether you choose to look at an online bank, an offline bank, a regular savings account or a CD, there are a lot of ways to drastically increase the amount of money your money earns you. Use these tips to find the best

high intrest savings accounts for your money.